RSO-Infused Butter

RSO-infused Brown Sugar Blondies using Farmers Friend Extracts RSO Recipe

Making RSO-infused Butter

Today we are going to show you how to make RSO-infused butter. This is a rather simple recipe but definitely a must know in the stoner kitchen. From your classic brownies to a thrice baked potato- Infused butters are just the beginning to a world full of home-made edible snacks!



  • Double Boiler (or Small Sauce Pan & Small Bowl)
  • Spatula
  • Storage Dish / Butter Mold


Substitute Coconut Oil and mix a little more. 

(same measurements!)


SLOW MELT butter in double boiler on low heat. If using a sauce pan put a small amount of water in pan and butter in bowl. Place bowl over saucepan so the base does not touch the water- the steam will slow melt the butter.

ADD RSO and incorporate fully- mixing slowly for about one minute (three minutes for coconut oil). Be careful to not over mix as this will bond the proteins in the butter. This is a hot tip given to us by Purefectionery Gummies who said that bonded proteins are a big no-no when making certain edibles!

POUR  into storage dish or butter mold and place in freezer for a few minutes, allowing the butter to set and preventing the RSO from separating from the butter. Richard would tell you that once it looks like “molasses on a spring day, not a winter day” it is ready to put into the fridge.

USE AS DESIRED now that you have medicated your butter you are ready to start baking! The next important thing to keep in mind is dosing appropriately, which we will get into below.

Want to make it with us?

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Blondies Ingredients
Brown Sugar Blondies

Dosing Guide

Find the testing label showing MG of THC and CBD in the RSO.

If the testing label is in percentages, move the decimal one point to the right

(70.0% = 700mg)

Because we used the whole stick, we can divide the total MG by the number of Tablespoons in a stick of butter: 700 ÷ 8 = 87.5 mg per TBS

You could also use half of the syringe or double the butter to make your tablespoons be 43.5mg each- this will be dependent on your dosing needs and the recipe you are making!

Per OLCC research: The average psycho-active threshold is 5mg, some people need less, some people need more.

Always start low and add slowly, remembering to wait at least 1.5 hours after eating an edible before consuming more as it takes time for your body to digest the cannabis and feel the effects.