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A bit about us

Home Grown Apothecary was founded by a collective of people that believe in improving wellness through diet and alternative medications, with a philosophy of keeping all practices as organic and eco-conscious as possible.

With the owners being passionate snow sport enthusiasts and long time residents of Mt. Hood, an awareness of climate change is essential in preserving the vitality of the snow and mountains for generations to come.


Our intentions are to help people avoid the use of pharmaceuticals by providing people over the age of 21 with a variety of alternatives. We offer the best in cannabis, edibles, topicals, tinctures, extracts and concentrates, all thoroughly sourced to meet our health, wellness and sustainability standards.

Our shop also offers you a full apothecary, featuring a wide selection of non-cannabis herbs and concoctions. This area is cared for by our in-house herbalist, Tania, founder of Mossy Tonics. She formulates herbal tinctures, teas and remedies to complete our health and wellness package. Everything in our Apothecary is organic, wild and/or ethically harvested.

We would like to welcome anyone over the age of 21, with a valid government issued ID, to visit our dispensary on 1937 NE Pacific St. in Portland, Oregon.  With our “welcome home” feel, friendly atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff, any first-time experience will be comfortable and smooth.  Once you visit us for the first time you will never go back to anything that is not Home Grown.

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before

other’s choices make us.” – Richie Norton

  • All of the cannabis here at Home Grown is grown locally, sustainably and to the highest “organic standards”.

  • By organic standards, we mean grown in live soil with no weird chemicals. Cannabis can not legally be considered organic anywhere, but it can be certified Clean Green, Certified Kind, and Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure. We ensure all of our cannabis is grown to these high-standards.

  • Organic soils and fertilizers in combination with that home grown love help the herbs provide patients with maximum medicinal capabilities.

  • All products must go through our vigorous vetting process before being store approved.

  • The energy used from seed to patient is renewable energy.

  • All of our farms are working towards being, if not already, Negative Water and Energy Business. Meeting our high ethical standards.

  • All paper products in the facility are made of recycled paper with a minimum of 30% post consumer products.

  • Recycling programs are established to limit product-packaging waste and reduce consumerism. We will take your #5 plastics back!

  • All the furniture and shelving in our building was built with refurbished/up-cycled woods.

Our Budtenders

Budtender Andi


Herbalist/Budtender Tania


Budtender Richard


Budtender Elle


Budtender Lilz


Budtender Twyla


Budtender Trevor at Home Grown Apothecary


Best of Portland 2022 Winner

Best of Portland

1st Place Best Organic Cannabis Selection!

We are happy to announce that we won in Best of Portland, 2022:

  • 1st Best Organic Selection
  • 2nd Best Dispensary
  • 2nd Best CBD-store
  • and 3rd Best Budtender 

Check out the full list of winners here to see the best of what Portland has to offer!

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