Intro to Vaping. The benefits that have made people start to carry pens again.

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Intro to Vaping

Vaping has quickly become one of the most commonly used methods for intaking cannabis. It seems like almost everyone has a vape pen these days. But what would make you choose to want to start vaping cannabis?

They are better for your lungs:

Vaping cannabis uses convection instead of combustion. This means that instead of an open flame, you are just using a heating element (dabbing is a form of vaping too).

True to its name, this puts off a vapor instead of a smoke. Where smoke can be irritating for our lungs, vapor is much gentler. This has allowed people with lung irritation issues, like asthma, a better way to consume cannabis!

Certain types of cartridges, called distillates, allow you to also bypass the fats and lipids that are found in the buds, providing you with a cleaner smoke and doing even less irritation to your lungs.


Often chosen for their discretion:

Cartridges are a great way to take your cannabis on the go without calling attention to it. People love to carry them because of the lack of noticeable smoke odor.


They have a higher THC/CBD content:

Which far surpasses the average percentage found in flower. This allows the consumer to cut back on their smoking time while achieving the same effect.

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Things to watch out for:

Keep in mind that not all cartridges are the same. Many companies like to add flavors to their cartridges. To do this they are also adding filler oils, like propylene glycol (also known as PG). This compound works as a great carrier for artificial flavors, but is the component that gives people popcorn lung. Make sure to ask if your cartridge is made with any filler oils, PG’s, or artificial flavors.

You have probably heard about heavy metals in vape pens. Many vape pens have tested positive for heavy metals. This is most commonly due to the hardware they put their oil in, and not the oil themselves. However be wary of cheap cartridges- these prices normally reflect that the manufacturer has cut costs. We source all of our cartridges, but not all dispensaries do!

Remember that anytime you put anything in your lungs, it is bad for your lungs. Vaping is just one of the best methods. If you want to be the kindest to your lungs, consider a tincture or an edible!

In summary

Vaping can help save your lungs from some of the irritations that come from smoking cannabis. Remember that not all cartridges are the same. The quality of the oil and the cartridge itself play a huge role in the way it will effect you.

To find out more about how vaping can be beneficial to your health, peruse our other articles. There are a lot of good resources out there. We’ve took the liberty of providing you with links to some quality information below!