Our Standards



  • Grown in Live or Living-Soil

  • Free of any Harsh or Harmful Chemicals

  • Farm must have sustainability actions in place and goals they are working towards.

Edibles & Tinctures

Flower adheres to the principles set above.

Cannot contain any:

  • High-Fructose Corn-syrup

  • Artificial Flavors

  • Artificial Dies

  • Unsustainably-sourced Palm Oil

Cartridges & Dabbables

Flower adheres to the principles set above.

Cannot contain any:

  • Artificial Flavors

  • Artificial Terpenes

  • Filler Oils

  • Lead-heavy parts

We set our standards are as high as we are...

What make our farms so awesome?

  • Most of our farms utilize polyculture methods and beneficial insects.
  • They are also working towards being negative-water and negative-energy farms, so they will give more back to the table than they use to grow!
  • Many of our farms are doing education and community outreach products.
  • We are focused on supporting Minority-owned, BIPOC-owned, Woman-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, and Family-Owned Farms.

We sort through all of the ingredients to offer you the ease of knowing that everything we carry is sourced cleanly and sustainably. #purposefulliving

Home Grown Apothecary- High Quality Standards , Low Prices


Did you pass these questions three?

Please make sure you meet all of the standards set forth here before scheduling a meeting with our intake managers. We set a high bar for what can come into our store and are proud to represent the farms, farmers, and crafters that meet our requirements!

Reach out to us to let us know about all of the awesome things your team is working on! We can’t wait to continue growing the Home Grown Apothecary family and meet more people that are doing things right!



Best of Portland 2022 Winner

Best of Portland 2022

1st Place Best Organic Cannabis Selection!

We are happy to announce that we won in Best of Portland, 2022:

  • 1st Best Organic Selection
  • 2nd Best Dispensary
  • 2nd Best CBD-store
  • and 3rd Best Budtender (two budtenders in the Top 5!)

Check out the full list of winners here to see the best of what Portland has to offer!

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