Herbal Recipes & Cannabis Infusions

Can I infuse this?

Yes, you can.

This page offers you Cannabis Infusions and Herbal Concoctions put together by our staff and community. We will be adding more to this page soon, so check back to see more herb craft ideas soon!

Elles Lavender Buttercream Lemon Cupcakes

Elle's Lavender Buttercream Lemon Cupcakes

Indulge your senses in a delightful symphony of flavors with Elle’s CBG Lavender Buttercream Lemon Cupcakes. This enchanting recipe seamlessly combines the zesty brightness of fresh lemons with the floral elegance of lavender.

Lilz' Infused Chocolate Fondue

Introducing Lilz’ Infused Chocolate Fondue, a delectable fusion of rich, velvety chocolate and full-spectrum cannabis meticulously crafted to elevate your dessert experience. Created with the finest ingredients and infused with a touch of herbal magic.

Twyla's Famous Cashew Brittle

Twyla's Famous Cashew Brittle

Step into the world of sweet indulgence as we unravel the secrets behind Twyla’s famous Cashew Brittle, elevated to new heights with the infusion of Farmer’s Friend Extracts RSO. This delectable treat combines the timeless crunch of peanut brittle with the rich essence of cannabis, creating a unique and irresistible experience!

Andi's Sun Syrup Salad Dressing

Introducing Budtender Andi’s Sun Syrup Salad dressing, a culinary celebration of the transition from summer to fall. Crafted with the essence of late summer sunshine, this dressing blends the vibrant flavors of fall with the citrus zest to evoke memories of warm summer days.

Cannabis Infused Guacamole with Luminous Botanicals CBD Tincture

Richard's Tincture Infused-Guacamole

Receive a slammin’ Guacamole recipe from Budtender Richard and learn how to infuse it using Luminous Botanicals Universal Tonic! Great for a party or an evening in, everyone should have a good guacamole recipe up their sleeve.

Farmer's Friend Extracts RSO

RSO-infused Butter

Today we are going to show you how to make RSO-infused butter. This is a rather simple recipe but definitely a must know in the stoner kitchen. From your classic brownies to a thrice baked potato- Infused butters are just the beginning to a world full of home-made edible snacks!

RSO-Infused Irish Potato Candy at Home Grown Apothecary

Irish Potato Candy Recipe

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today’s recipe comes from Richard and is a Pennsylvania special- Irish Potato Candies- the snack that is neither from Ireland, nor made of potatoes!

RSO-infused Brown Sugar Blondies using Farmers Friend Extracts RSO Recipe

RSO-infused Brown Sugar Blondies

Join Budtender Andi as she infused butter with RSO and makes Blondies! Full Recipe available and video to work along with! Great treat to bring to that adult summer BBQ.

Lavender Lemonade- Infusing Summer Herbal Beverages with Budtender/Herbalist Tania

Herbal Summer Beverages

Refreshing Lavender Lemonade, Linden Limeade, and Sage Iced Black tea! Learn how to infuse your own herbal summer drinks this summer to stay nice and cool. Join Tania as we get to crafting!

Homemade Dab-Infused BBQ Sauce from Home Grown Apothecary & Dispensary in Portland, Oregon

Dab-infused BBQ Sauce

A simple, easy, and darn delightful barbeque sauce infused with a dab! Yes, you can do that! Grab our free recipe and see how to dose out this tasty bbq sauce to impress your friends at your next adult summer gathering!

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