Chill Blend$18$29
Energy Blend$18$29
Lung Love$18$29
Sneeze Relief$18$29
St.John’s Wort$18$29
Trilogy Mushroom Blend$18$29
Tinctures & Remedies by Mossy Tonic

What is an Herbal Tincture?

Herbal Tinctures are Sublingual liquids crafted from herbs. The herb is suspended in a high-proof alcohol for a specific amount of time to allow the medicinal properties of the plant to infuse into the alcohol (time varies by herb). The tonic is later strained to remove the plant material, leaving behind the herbal goodness.

Most people take their tinctures directly under the tongue with a little water for the fastest results, holding it there for 10-20 seconds before swallowing. For people who avoid or dislike alcohol we recommend putting your dosage into freshly boiled water to help evaporate the alcohol off. This will leave herbal water that you can drink once cooled. You can also choose to hide the flavor in a beverage of your choice (we would recommend orange juice).

Herbal Remedies2oz
Fire Cider$12
Super Greens Powder$18
Come to Bed Powder$18
7 Mushroom Blend$21
Rise & Shine Chocolate (coffee sub blend)$21
Rise & Shine Mint (coffee sub blend)$21
Fire Cider- Herbal Remedies at Home Grown Apothecary

“Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life.” – T. A. Edison

All of the formulas are adaptogenic, and are made locally by  Herbalist, Tania; Owner of Mossy Tonic!

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