What is a dab and why would I choose dabbing?

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What is a dab?

Dabs are a form of cannabis concentrate that is extracted from the buds of the plant, most commonly by using butane, protane, C02 or simple heat. Extracts are normally smoked by placing them on a hot nail and inhaled. The most common place dabs you have seen are vape pens! That’s right, vaping is just the new tech-savy way to partake in dabbable extracts without a torch and dab rig.

Think of it like orange juice.

You can buy an organic orange and juice it. Or you can buy the organic concentrate.

The practice of concentrating medical herbs goes back centuries.

Prior to 2010 any dabbables made were not done in labs and were unregulated. Only now that we can study it has it become more regulated and it is only in recent years that it has gained popularity.


Why choose dabbing?

When you need a more potent dosage of a cannabinoid, dabbing is a good choice. This is most commonly utilized by people who suffer from intense or severe symptoms who have tried other methods, to no avail.

We have also known many people who prefer dabs for migraines and menstrual cramps due to their immediate relief. It is also used by cannabis consumers who have been medicating for some time and have higher THC tolerances.


How do I dab?

Dabbing is achieved by heating the nail until it is a red color. Wait approximately 20 seconds for the nail to cool down, you don’t want do intake vapor that is too hot. After those 20 seconds are over, inhale through the rig. You do not need to take a large dab, they call it dabbing for a reason. Just a little dab will do. Vaping should always be done at lower temperatures to preserve your terpenes.

Pens make this easier as you only need to insert the dab, press the button and draw your vapor.

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Things to watch out for:

Availability:  Depending on your area, dabs may be available in THC or CBD, with other cannabinoids in smaller doses. It is important to note that dabs are incredibly potent so make sure you are sitting and drink a lot of water if you have never tried it before.


Gear:  Most dab enthusiasts have their own dab rig and torch at home. We recommend a quartz nail, as the glass nails eventually break and the metal ones are bad for your lungs. If you are intimidated by the dab rig and torch, there are other options out there! They are now making pens that you can drop the concentrate into, much like what you see with vape pens. This makes the process much more hassle free for the consumer.


What else can I do with a dabbable?  Good question! You can bake with them!

Simply add to your choice of saturated fat (be-it butter, coconut oil, et al) and melt together on a low heat! (Remember to measure out the amount of fat you need) and then add to your recipe! Are you wondering how to convert the % to mg? just move the decimal point over. If your dab is 69.5%THC, then it has 695mg. The average serving size according to the OLCC is 5mg of THC. Dose accordingly.

In summary

Dabbing can be an effective way to dose THC or CBD for people with more chronic issues that require higher doses, but it is not for the faint of heart!

Always keep water nearby, and for those of you trying it for the first time, make sure you are seated.

You just need a dab!