Limber (Anti-inflammatory)Mossy Tonic$14
Mellow MintMossy Tonic$14
Nettles Plus (Allergy)Mossy Tonic$14
SexyMossy Tonic$14
Spring Cleaning (Detox)Mossy Tonic$14
SunshineMossy Tonic$14
Chaga ChaiMountain Mel’s$15
Daily Divini-teaMountain Mel’s$14
Diges-teaMountain Mel’s$14
Fever RelieverMountain Mel’s$14
Hibiscus HeartsongMountain Mel’s$14
Immuni-teaMountain Mel’s$14
Milk LadyMountain Mel’s$14
Mommy to BeMountain Mel’s$14
Oh So Pret-teaMountain Mel’s$14
Peaceful BabyMountain Mel’s$14
Respiratory TeaMountain Mel’s$14
Sweet Dreams are made of TeasMountain Mel’s$14
Unfrazzle your DazzleMountain Mel’s$14
Where’s My Mind?Mountain Mel’s$14
Wonderful Women’sMountain Mel’s$14

“Would you like an adventure now?

Or shall we have our tea first?”

-Alice in Wonderland

Mountain Mels Teas
Loose Leaf Herbal Tea | Made in Portland, OR
Mt Mels Teas
Mt Mels Teas

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