A guide to edibles. How to dose and what to expect.

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A beginner's guide to Edibles

Edibles are definitely a recreational favorite when it comes to the cannabis industry. Companies are infusing cannabis into brownies, cookies, chocolates, granola bars, nuts, beverages, and more. Basically if you can eat it, they’ve made a medible version. Not only are edibles a good recreational choice to save your lungs, but there may be other reasons you would choose an edible as well…

Why would I choose an Edible?


Lung Health:

Eating or drinking your cannabis can be a great way to dose your THC or CBD without hurting your lungs! But thats only the tip of the iceberg.


Long Effect Time:

Some people also like to choose them because of their long effect time. Like going to family gatherings where they won’t be able to medicate for extended periods of time. This is because as the edible is digested through your lymphatic, metabolic and pancreatic tracts it provides you with a slow dosing effect. Most people report about a 4-10 hours of effect.


Staying asleep through the night:

Studies have shown that due to their long effect times, edibles may be beneficial to people who have issues staying asleep through the night.  While the effects of smoking are immediate and only last a few hours, edibles last approximately 8hours (the perfect nights sleep!). This should keep you below the Dream/Wake threshold as you are about to come out of your first REM cycle. Ever taken an edible and just passed out? Thats what we are talking about.

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Factor's to consider when choosing your Edible:

Dosage numbers:  If you are new to dosing, we recommend you start with small doses, or a product that has a ratio of CBD in it to help mellow of the sensation. Many products out there, like mints, nuts and tinctures, allow for easy micro-dosing. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away.

What type of weed was it made from? Most edibles on the market are hybrids (meaning your energy level should stay the same), though some companies are making strain-specific batches. Going strain-specific or at least choosing between Sativa, Hybrid and Indica will give you a better idea of what your high will be like in the end.

How they infused the edible: The next factor is how they infuse the cannabis. If you are using this edible medicinally we recommend you find a product that is made with an RSO or Infused Canna-Butter or Canna-Coconut Oil. This is because you get all of the cannabinoids and sub-cannabinoids with Full Extract infusions, which is important for the full medicinal effect.

Another way people medicate edibles is to infuse with distillate extracts- this is the most common way. Recreational users will find excellent results with these products, but people with higher tolerance levels may find better results from a FECO (full extract cannabis oil) infusion.

They’re all delicious, but finding the right one for you can be important.

Figuring out my dosage

The OLCC has deemed 5mg of THC to be the *average* dosage.

All edibles are divided into a maximum of 5mg servings but that does not mean that is your dosage. For people sensitive to THC we suggest starting small and increase slowly, waiting between doses. It’s easier to add than to take away.

Remember that it can take 30-180 minutes for effects to be felt.

Please wait two hours before taking another dose.

Low and Slow.

In summary

Edibles can be a fun and delicious way to partake in cannabis, but be sure to figure out your dosage first! If you have any questions about what a dose for you might be, ask your budtender for their guidance. They are there to help.

Edibles dose you through your metabolic and digestive tracts, providing a steady release of cannabinoids for several hours. Most commonly from 4-8 hours.

Edibles can take approximately 2 hours to take effect.

Start low and go slow when trying to figure out your dosage.