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10% off strains from Big Beard Farms

Mystery Machine

Originally brought to the states from Australia, the genetics of this strain remain a mystery.

As a slightly Indica leaning hybrid, this strain has been known to first give you a sense of introspection, followed by talkative giggles.

Many have reported euphoria, with a slight body numbing sensation that aided muscle spasms & headaches.

Mystery Machine from Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary
Jazz (Sativa-Hybrid) from Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary


Jazz is the mysterious combination of a Mexican landrace from Oaxaca and an Iranian landrace indica. Sounds interesting already doesn’t it?


A Sativa-Hybrid that is very uplifting and has been known to help with pain, stress and depression.


Strong scent of pine and lemon and testing at almost 28%, so better aimed for people with high THC tolerances.

DogWalker OG

Cross between Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91 with the scent of Kush, Diesel and Berries.

Indica dominant Hybrid, reported to have strong and long-lasting effects of calm, relaxation, and focus.

People have noted its uses for pain, mood disorders, and appetite loss.

Testing at almost 28%, so better aimed for people with high THC tolerances.

Dog Walker OG from Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary


$19 THC Tinctures

from Sun God Medicinals

Herbal Infused products formulated with supporting herbs that provide comfort and support for specific symptoms.

Made with only organic healing herbs that can be cultivated in beautiful Southern Oregon. Most they grow themselves!

Sun God supports organic herb farmers, sustainable wildcrafters, and health-conscious food producers.

10% off Beverages

Edibles take a long time to work. Why?

Because we have to digest it and break it down.



It’s easier for our bodies to break down liquids.

Stop waiting for your high and just get there 😉

Save on CBD Topicals

from Sacred Herb and Apothecanna

Save up to 35% off of Apothecanna and Sacred Herb CBD Topicals.

Try the 1:1 combinations from Apothecanna to take advantage of both the THC and CBD at their full potential.

Or try the travel-safe alternative from Sacred Herb, with low enough THC levels to be considered industrial-hemp!

20% off Seeds

From award-winning farm, Green Source Gardens.

Strains Available:

Pinkleberry Kush- Hybrid- inbred for 5 generations to ensure the strain you get is Pinkleberry.

Coyote Goo- Indica Hybrid- PolyHybrid so less stable genetics.

Click on each strain here to learn more about the strain from GSG themselves!

Seeds from Green Source Gardens at Home Grown Apothecary

And from our Apothecary,

Boiron Tablets

2 for 1 Boiron Tablets

Have you been interested in trying a homeopathic remedy?

We are offering a 2 for 1 deal on the our Borion products.

Borion is a world renounced producers of homeopathic medicine, which is a gentle herbal approach to support the bodies natural healing abilities.

Many herbal varieties available designed for a variety of ailments.

New Weekend Hours!

We’ve extended our weekend hours for the summer!

Friday – Saturday:




Extended Summer Hours at Home Grown Apothecary
Flower Garden at Home Grown Apothecary

“Dirty hands, iced tea, garden fragrances thick in the air and a blanket of color before me, 
who could ask for more?”

–   Bev Adams, Mountain Gardening


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