Tree Honey Sugar Wax by Clay Wolf at Home Grown Apothecary

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May 21st – May 24th

Rolling papers and tips; Raw, Elements and OCB| Free Papers with the Purchase of any 8th or more! |

Roller’s choice!

Choose between Raw, Elements and OCB. Maybe the cones are more your style? You choose!


“Roll, roll roll your joint, twist it at the ends. Light it up and take a puff, then pass it to your friends!”




Tree Honey Sugar Wax by Clay Wolf at Home Grown Apothecary | *New* Tree Honey only $16/gram|

Top shelf sugar wax from Claywolf!

Excellent consistency for any sort of dabbing, whether you have a rig, a pen or a nectar collector.

Available in Sativa, Indica and CBD 1:1



Elbes Cakeballs made with Cannabutter at home Grown Apothecary| $24 Elbe’s Cakeballs |

THC is normally $29, this week: $24!

Made with real canna butter, so they can hit a little harder.

Created using DogWalker- an infamous Indica-hybrid strain thats great for pain and insomnia.

Great way to dose your high and save your lungs! While supplies last.




Elbes Snack Mix OG Chex at Home Grown Apothecary

Display image. Actual product size is larger.

| $15 Elbe’s Snack Mix |

Because we love them!

A healthier alternative for dosing your THC and saving your lungs.

Made with distillate and great for micro-dosing, or finding your dosage.

30 medicated chex and then more chex because they know you are going to want more once your medicated. Brilliant.




Clones at HGA| Clones are Back in Stock *Tuesday!* |

For all of you who ordered,

And for those of you who want to choose from one we have in house,

Clones will arrive on Tuesday!

“The world’s favorite season is the spring. 
All things seem possible in May.”
–  Edwin Way Teale



High Quality Shatter Live Resin Crumble at Home Grown Apothecary Shatterday| Welcome to Shatterday!! |

Shatterday begins this weekend!

Every Saturday find 20% off shatter, live resin and crumble here at Home Grown!

We love our dabbables and our selection has only been growing more and more!

So PDX dabbers unite! And we’ll see you on Saturdays!



We would also like to say Thank You,

Vote for Home Grown Apothecary Best Organic Cannabis Selection 2018 Portland Oregon| Top 5 in Best of Portland! |

We made Top 5 Organic Cannabis Selection in the Willamette Week’s Best of Portland Readers Poll!

But our mission is *not yet* complete!

Voting has begun at!


We ask you to take the time to vote for us for the #1 spot! We’ve made top 5 three years in a row now.

Let’s make it to Number One!



And from our Apothecary,

| $6 bags of Allergy Blend Tea |



Formulated by our in-house herbalist, Tania to help you deal with those allergies.

And tis the season! We know how much pollen portland produces (alliteration!)

Made with organically-sourced and wild-harvest ingredients.





“May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights. The discussion of philosophy is over; it’s time for work to begin.”

—Peter Loewer

Have a Great Week!