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Medicine Farm Botanicals THC Salves, Oil, Beard Oil and Face Serum at Home Grown Apothecary
Rescue Rub (Small)Peak Extracts40.0130
Rescue Rub (Large)Peak Extracts40.0142
CBD PainstickSacred Herb Medicinals.85430
CBD Painstick MiniSacred Herb Medicinals.83.912
CBD Roll-on OilSacred Herb Medicinals1.98.730
CBD LotionSacred Herb Medicinals0.734
Beard OilMedicine Farm Botanicals1601260
Warming RubOM Remedies656933
Cooling RubOM Remedies708233
1:1 Massage & Body OilOM Remedies37523260
Coconut Oil TopicalEndless Organics705060
Everyday Face and Body Cream (2 oz)Apothecanna131319
Everyday Face and Body Cream (8 oz)Apothecanna484657
Everyday Face and Body OilApothecanna534648
Calming Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna161319
Calming OilApothecanna504748
Relieving Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna121219
Relieving Creme (8 oz)Apothecanna475057
Relieving SprayApothecanna242439
Relieving OilApothecanna494848
Extra Strength Relieving Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna252429
Extra Strength Relieving Creme (8 oz)Apothecanna959486
Extra Strength Relieving SprayApothecanna464257
Extra Strength Relieving OilApothecanna1059772


Peak Extract Rescue Rub
Rescue Rub (Small)Peak Extracts4.125
Rescue Rub (Large)Peak Extracts4.135
CBD PainstickSacred Herb Medicinals.854.1424
CBD Painstick MiniSacred Herb Medicinals.83.910
CBD Roll-on OilSacred Herb Medicinals1.98.724
CBD LotionSacred Herb Medicinals0.727
Beard OilMedicine Farm Botanicals130050
Warming RubOM Remedies656927
Cooling RubOM Remedies708227
1:1 Massage & Body OilOM Remedies37523250
Coconut Oil TopicalEndless Organics705050
Everyday Face and Body Cream (2 oz)Apothecanna131316
Everyday Face and Body Cream (8 oz)Apothecanna484648
Everyday Face and Body OilApothecanna534640
Calming Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna161316
Calming OilApothecanna504740
Relieving Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna121216
Relieving Creme (8 oz)Apothecanna475048
Relieving SprayApothecanna242433
Relieving OilApothecanna494840
Extra Strength Relieving Creme (2 oz)Apothecanna252424
Extra Strength Relieving Creme (8 oz)Apothecanna959472
Extra Strength Relieving SprayApothecanna464248
Extra Strength Relieving OilApothecanna1059760

All made with All-Natural ingredients.

How does a topical work?

Our body naturally wants to send out endocannabinoids in order to fight things like inflammation. When our body has a difficult time providing this naturally, supplementing with cannabis encourages our natural immune system.

Many people suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, breathing issues and skin problems choose have testified to the benefits of THC and CBD Topicals.

Will I get high from a topical?

The majority of our body is non receptive to the psycho-activity of THC. For THC to become psycho-active it must enter the bloodstream. This could mean ingestion, inhalation, or application to eyes, mouth or bathing suit areas.

Within our body are CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 are primarily found in our brain and nervous system and accept THC. When a THC cannabinoid attaches to a CB1 receptor the consumer will become ‘high’.

Our skin contains CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors accept CBD, this can allow our neurons to more clearly communicate with each other, and encourages our own system to fight for itself.

*Note there are patches available in some states that contain chemicals that allow THC to enter the bloodstream.

***Keep in mind that while you may not experience the psycho-active effect, we can not garuntee that you would pass a drug test***

Feel free to ask our knowledgable budtenders on what will work best for you!

Wondering how cannabis topicals work? Visit Leafly’s Topicals What/How page!

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