Allergy BlendHome Grown Apothecary6
Anti-inflammtory BlendHome Grown Apothecary6
Detox BlendHome Grown Apothecary8
ChagaMountain Mel’s8.5
Daily Divini-teaMountain Mel’s8.5
Diges-tea (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Fever RelieverMountain Mel’s8.5
Hibiscus HeartsongMountain Mel’s8.5
Immuni-teaMountain Mel’s8.5
Milk Lady (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Mommy to BeMountain Mel’s10
Oh So Pret-teaMountain Mel’s8.5
Respiratory Relief (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Sweet Dreams (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Unfrazzle your Dazzle (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Where’s my Mind (Tin)Mountain Mel’s10
Wonderful Women’sMountain Mel’s8.5

“Would you like an adventure now?

Or shall we have our tea first?”

-Alice in Wonderland

Mt Mels Teas
Mt Mels Teas
Mountain Mels Teas

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