$40 Flight of organically grown cannabis at Home Grown Apothecary

| Strains of the Week |

Happy Birthday Michael Sheen! Now lets go and smoke some Green!

| $40 flight of Weed! |

1g Cinex- Sativa that smells like a forest of lemon people. Energetic. Euphoric. Creative.

1g Jager- Indica that smells like the drink from which it got its name. Relaxing. Pain Relief.

1g Scotts OG- Indica/Hybrid with an earthy yet sour aroma. Relaxing. Euphoric. Potent.


a Golden Lemons Pre-Roll- Indica/Hybrid that smells like herbs and citrus. Relaxing. Euphoric.

 includes tax$40 Flight of organically grown cannabis at Home Grown Apothecary

 Peak Extract CBD Cartridge at Home Grown Apothecary20% OFF Peak CBD Cartridges!

Peaks high CBD cartridges are at 66% CBD to 4% THC.

This allows the consumer to take advantage of the entourage effect with little to no psycho-activity to the consumer. Those sensitive to THC will still feel a slight buzz from this product.

$40 Including tax.


 Ablis Clinical Strength CBD Rub at Home Grown Apothecary

Ablis CBD Rub only $55!

Ablis Clinical Strength CBD Rub uses all natural warming/cooling ingredients to help soothe.

500mg GMO free CBD Crystals (THC free).

Great way to start kicking those aches and pains to the curb!

Tax included.


Elbes Cakeballs made with Cannabutter at home Grown ApothecaryLet Them Eat Cakeballs gets BETTER!

NOW 25% OFF. 

Time to get your edible on with these CRAZY delicious cakeballs from Elbes Edibles.

Made with real cannabutter so they can hit a little harder.

Tax included.



Hunny Bear Cajun Almonds from Home Grown ApothecaryHunny Bear Cajun Almonds!


As health nuts (pun intended) We like to provide you would like a savory and more healthy alternative to sweet edibles that flood the cannabis market.

Great for sharing or just for a snack.


Gluten Free | Kosher | Diabetic Friendly | Vegan

Low Dose $5  |  High Dose $11

Tax included.


| And from our Apothecary |

20% OFF Brown Bear’s Sexy Smokes!

Blend of Damiana, Mullein, Blackberry Leaf, Rose petals and Hibiscus

  • Natural way to feel grounded and centered.
  • Rose and Hibiscus aid in relaxation
  • Works as a natural aphrodisiac
  • and is a Non-addictive alternative to Tobacco

Great gift for your sexy special someone this Valentines Season!

For more information about herbal smoking blends, click here.


Brown Bear Herbal Smokes