OG Action Chillum

| Strain of the Weekend |

April 27th – April 29th

$69 ounces from Rogue Farmer | $69 ounces and $39 halves are back! |

Purple Hindu Kush from Rogue Farmer is the strain. Grown with organic practices in mind! No weird stuff.

As almost a full Indica, PHK provides the consumer with deep seeded relaxation and pain relief.

With the aroma or grape and citrus.



Luminous Botanicals Tinctures CBD THC and 1:1| 10% off Luminous Botanicals! |

Universal Cannabis Tinctures available in High CBD, High THC or a 1:1 balanced ratio.

Made with almond and coconut oil.

Everybody loves these tinctures because of the variety of options they provide the consumer to more specifically target their needs.

Available in a sample size! As well as small and large.

Did I mention it can be used topically as well? That’s right. Universal.


OG Action Chillum| $3 OG Action Chillums!|

Clean and simple. What more do you need.

Because it’s summer and you need a small pipe for those hikes.

These cool little glass chillums are only 4 inches long, making them the perfect packable pipe (alliteration!)

Easily fits in your pocket.



OM Remedies 1:1 THC CBD Topical| 1:1 Topicals only $29 |

Made with all natural ingredients by OM remedies.

Take advantage of both THC and CBD.

Available in Warming or Cooling, depending on your needs.

Adventure the summer away without having to worry about those aches and pains!




Tree Fort Gear| 20% off Tree Fort Gear!|

Made in the States and designed by Local Mountain Men

House Favorite: Travellers Trunk.

It holds everything you need.

Super well designed and well crafted.




organic clones paragon farms home grown apothecary| Clones Live On! |

Started with Organic Practices by Paragon Farms.

There are multiple ways to get your  clone:

  • Choose from our In-stock Options
  • Order In-Store or Online from a large selection- Projected Delivery 5/2 or 5/17

Pre-order clones will only be available until 5/10. After which you will still be able to choose from clones available in-store!

Click here to see the full list of Clones available.


and from our Apothecary,

Mt. Mels Outdoor Line| 10% off Mountain Mels Survival Line|

Whether it be Sunburns, Bugs, Itches or what-have-you, Mt. Mels has designed a salve for you.

Made locally and sustainably.

All Natural Ingredients, so you won’t harm the planet we all love so much.

Plus she donates part of her proceeds each year to environmental non-profit groups through 1% for the Planet.

| 20% off Milk Thistle Tincture |

Time for Spring Cleaning! Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Milk Thistle Tinctures by Home Grown ApothecaryMilk Thistle Tinctures are great Detoxifiers and System cleansers.

And it’s all natural!

Also known for its help with liver health, gallstones, and lowering cholesterol.

And did I mention people have testified to its anti-aging effects?

Large $10    |   Small $3


* Have a Beautiful Sunny Day *