Mendo Breath Organic Indica Cannabis


Forum GSC- 26% Sativa/Hybrid-  a GirlScoutCookie Phenotype that has been bred to be a SATIVA! Great for helping with mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, and glaucoma.

Mendo Breath- 27% Indica/Hybrid- Smells like caramel and vanilla and helps with chronic pain and discomfort. Wait till you get home because this stuff packs quite a punch!

Mendo Breath Organic Indica Cannabis

Mendo Breath- 27%

Forum GSC Organic Sativa

Forum GSC- 26%



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Lux almond Butter group



Lux Almond Butter $11/$18

Cinnamon Maca available in Low and High Doses.

Super delicious and a great way to fall asleep and stay there.


We have samples if you wanna try before you buy 🙂




1:1 Beverages from Gold Dragon and Med with Love

Discounted Beverages

1:1 -$18     OR     CBD -$14

Gingerale | Coffee | Mocha


Pet Vet CBD Tincture

Pet Vet tinctures only $36! (from $42)

Give that energy back to your best friend,

make him feel like a pup again 🙂

Cascadia Tinctures THC Sour Diesel


Cascadia Tinctures 20% off

Absorb your high and save your lungs with these strain specific tinctures.

Available in CBD, 1:1 and THC