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July 2nd – July 5th

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Pennywise from Cannaflo| *New* Pennywise 1:1 |

High CBD strain that is a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. $9/gram!

As a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, the psychoactive effects are milder and more relaxing.

“Jack the Ripper’s cerebrally focused effects are detectable in Pennywise’s genes as euphoria and mental clarity take over with an invigorating buzz.

People have noted it’s use with arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms.” -Leafly


Endless Organics Coconut Oil Topical at Home Grown Apothecary| 15% off topicals! |

Tis the season to stand in the sun all day.

Don’t feel the burn.

We know that a long day on your feet watching parades can be rough, now is a great time to prepare by saving on topicals designed to combat pain, arthritis and more.

Replenish and Revive your skin with our vast topical line.

Includes products from Medicine Farm Botanicals, Sacred Herb CBD, Endless Organics, Nana’s Naturals, OM Remedies and Peak!




Legal Beverages Cannabis-infused Sparkling Tonics group at Home Grown Apothecary| 10% off Cold Beverages |

Great way to dose discretely and save your lungs.

“A delicious mix of bubbles, fruit and as much locally sourced ingredients as Mother Nature will allow. Crafted strain-by-strain to deliver five different but consistent good times. Every time. Slow clap.” – Mirth Provisions

Pro-tip: Pour into ice-cube tray and freeze, then add to your favorite beverage. Perhaps lemonade? Easy way to measure doses!

Relax. It’s Legal.



Gron Chocolates THC, 1:1, CBD at Home Grown Apothecary| Gron Chocolates have new Pricing! |

You heard it here!

Fair-trade Artisan Chocolates!

Made with only Clean Green Certified cannabis, so it was grown with organic practices in mind.

And topped with hand-harvested flakey sea-salt or locally-roasted espresso beans.




| And on the 4th of July *ONLY* |

| HGA & Green Dragon’s Fresh Air Affair Returns!! |

From 11-2 on July 4th only, Green Dragon Representatives will be in-store!

Join us for demos on what goes into their CBD and THC cartridges and tinctures, and how they are best used. Get a first hand look from people working in the industry.

Great opportunity to ask questions, and find out about alternative methods of dosing!

HGA and Green Dragon Present: A Fresh Air Affair. Learn about THC and CBD Tinctures and Cartridges! Explore the world of Vaping!


Save 20% on Green Dragon products, All Day!

Get a free pen with the purchase of any Green Dragon Cartridge (during event only)

Other exclusive 4th of July Specials include:

Shatterdays at HGA| Shatterday! |

Yes, we know that is a Wednesday!

But we also know it’s time to celebrate!

All dabbables are 20% off for the fourth of July!

Includes products from:

ClayWolf, Botanical Laboratories, Paragon Extracts, and Calyx Crafts!




Med with Love Cannabis-infused Cold Beverages at Home Grown Apothecary| Cold Beverages!  |

That’s right, they go up to 20% off for one day only!

Because parades are long.

Includes Sparking Fruit Tonics and Cold Press Coffee and a Gingerale Kambucha!

Great way to beat the heat!





And from our Apothecary,

| 30% off Large Smoking Blends ALL Week! |

Hand-crafted products, Formulated by our In-house herbalist, and made locally.*

HGA Smoking Blends Large Group

Designed in-house by our friendly herbalist, Tania, each blend is formulated to provide the consumer with a specific effect.

  • LungLove promotes lung and respiratory health.
  • Dream aids with sleeplessness and can help with people trying to Lucid Dream
  • Earthy provides you with a sense of calm and grounded-ness; relieving stress.
  • Good Health Good Vibes promotes hormone regulation, provides you with relaxation.
  • Summertime can help with stomach pain, insomnia, and can promote immune health.
  • Enlightened Mind can increase circulation, promote liver health and fight of infections.

For more from our Apothecary, see our menu here.

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“Those who won our independence valued liberty as an ends and a means. They believed liberty to be the secret to happiness, and courage to be the secret of liberty. “
–  Louis D. Brandeis

Have a Great Week!