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June 25th – June 28th

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10% off Top Shelf strains from Big Beard Farms!

Jazz (Sativa-Hybrid) from Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary| Jazz |

Jazz is the mysterious combination of a Mexican landrace from Oaxaca and an Iranian landrace indica. Sounds interesting already doesn’t it?

A Sativa-Hybrid that is very uplifting and has been known to help with pain, stress and depression.

Strong scent of Pine and testing at almost 28%, so better aimed for people with high THC tolerances.





DogWalker (Indica-Hybrid) from Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary| DogWalker OG |

Cross between Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91.

Indica dominant Hybrid, reported to have strong and long-lasting effects of calm, relaxation, and focus.

People have noted it’s uses for pain, mood disorders, and appetite loss.

Testing at almost 28%, so better aimed for people with high THC tolerances.


Select Strains Cartridges

Select Strains Elite Cartridges. Strains in-stock may vary from image.

| $59 Select Strains Carts |


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Select’s Elite Distillates are high grade and high-testing with original terpenes reinserted.

“Grown in live organic soil by trusted local farmers. Extracted using cutting-edge tech into potent, resinous oil.” – Select Strains

Sativa | Hybrid | Indica





Gron CBD Chocolate bars at Home Grown Apothecary| $20 Gron All CBD Chocolate |

Fair-trade Artisan Chocolates!

Made with only Clean Green Certified cannabis, so it was grown with organic practices in mind.

And topped with hand-harvested flakey sea-salt or locally-roasted espresso beans.






Sunny Spray 1:1 Tincture from OM Remedies| OM Topicals & Tinctures! |

Find your Om!

These topicals and tinctures are all One:One, which means equal parts CBD and THC. Take advantage of the full cannabinoid profile!

While most people have reported pain relief from the topicals, the tinctures have a higher report of the “giggles”.

Made small-batch and locally in Portland with only natural ingredients and organically grown herbs.



And from our Apothecary,

| 10% off Lavender Hydrosel! |

Hand-crafted products, Formulated by our In-house herbalist, and made locally.*


Lavender Hydrosol Spray by HGA at Home Grown ApothecaryFormulated to make you feel


Lavender Hydrosel:

Our Lavender water is a refreshing, relaxing and tonifying mist that supports skin and hair health all while smelling amazing.”

Strengthen and tone your skin and hair and protect it from the sun!



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“May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights. The discussion of philosophy is over; it’s time for work to begin.”

—Peter Loewer

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