Calyx Crafts Shatter

Claywolf Shatter and Live Resin

Calyx Crafts Shatter

$29 Grams of Shatter, Crumble and Live Resin!

Claywolf and Botanical Laboratories all only $29

Tax included. Limit 5.

Welcome Kumba Hills Farms!

10% off select strains from our new farm. Click an image to enlarge.

Wedding Cake Organic from Kumba Hills

Wedding Cake- Hybrid

Scotts OG Organic from Kumba Hills

Scotts OG- Indica Hybrid

Wicked Glue Organic from Kumba Hills

Wicked Glue- Sativa Hybrid

Tangieland Organic from Kumba Hills

Tangieland- Hybrid


















Lux Almond Butter Cinnamon Maca

Lux Cinnamon Maca Almond Butter $11

New product with Introductory Price

While supplies last.

Great way to Micro-dose.



Fruity Nut Bars by Laurie + Mary Jane

Fruity Nut Bars $15

Great for dosing on the go.

Ready for a THC treat thats NOT SWEET?

Plus they come in INDICA AND SATIVA.

Vegan and Gluten Free!


Gron Dark Chocolates

20% OFF Gron DARK chocolates

Delicious dark chocolate.

Not too sweet, not too bitter.

Great way to help you fall asleep at night

Or just relax. THC or CBD.





15% off MT. Mel’s Tea’s

Locally crafted Non-cannabis Teas. Each tea is crafted with you in mind.

Blends can help with digestion, relaxation, hormonal balances.

And there is a mommy-to-be and healthy baby line:)

Mt Mels Teas Mt Mels Teas