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June 29th – July 1st

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Forum Cut GSC from Canna Co at Home Grown Apothecary| $10/gram Forum GSC from Canna Co. |

Indoor Sativa-Hybrid. Cross between Durban Poison X Cherry Kush strains. A phenotype of the original Indica-dominant GSC. Same great flavor with a Sativa twist!

Due to it’s lineage, this strain has been known to offer the relaxation of an indica, with the energy of a sativa.

People have noted it’s use for pain, and appetite-loss. Forum Cut GSC has also been known to provide the consumer with euphoria and creativity.

Grown with organic practices in mind. As always.

Titan's Kind Cookies at Home Grown Apothecary| *New* Medicated Cookies |

Created by Titans Kind and at an introductory price of $17.

“When creating our edibles, we search for strains that contain terpenes that compliment the flavor of the product being developed. The terpenes not only enrich the flavor, but they also help you better predict the mood and high you will experience” -Titan’s Kind

Available in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk and a Coconut Cream.

Hand-crafted, locally made, and always strain specific.

To find the benefits of your cookie strain, check out Titan’s Website here!


Jazz Shatter from Botanical Laboratories and Big Beard Farms at Home Grown Apothecary| *New* Jazz Shatter |

The beautiful high-testing strain Jazz has been extracted into shatter and it is testing at 82%!

Brought to you by Big Beard Farms and Botanical Laboratories comes Jazz Dabs.

“We are a solutions provider for hydrocarbon and solvent free extraction methods”– Bot Labs

“High-grade is My grade.” -Big Beard Farms

$29 through Sunday, *AND an extra 20% off on Shatterday!



Medicine Farm Botanicals THC Salves, Oil, Beard Oil and Face Serum at Home Grown Apothecary| 15% off Medicine Farm Botanicals Topicals |

Made with only all-natural herbs and clean cannabis.

“We formulate products ranging from beard oils to face serums designed to slow the aging process as well as various balms to combat joint pains, cramping, and many other afflictions..” -MFB

Their goal is to revitalize and nourish skin with a harmonious blend of natural and essential oils infused with herbs, botanicals, and cannabis.



And from our Apothecary,

| 20% off Anti-Inflammatory Blend Tincture! |

Hand-crafted products, Formulated by our In-house herbalist, and made locally.*


Anti-inflammatory Blend Tincture from Home Grown ApothecaryFormulated to help you move.

Anti-inflammatory Blend:

“This blend features Tumeric and Jamaican dogwood. It is a convenient formula, designed to combat various aches and pains that come from a life well lived..”

Summer is here and the hiking won’t do itself!


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“If a June night could talk, 
it would probably boast it invented romance.”
–  Bern Williams

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