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We’d like to thank everyone who ordered clones with us for the 2018 growing season!

We hope you are all enjoying your new friends!

If you’d like to send us photos of your clones growing, we love to watch them grow!

If you’d like to share*, send images to

*Images may be shared on our social media pages or website

We’ll see you again next year for the 2019 season!

Pre-orders begin in February where you choose your strain and we grow it just for you. Keep an eye out, and you could be growing your own cannabis plant next summer!

New Clones started Organically by Paragon Farms at Home Grown Apothecary

Things to Remember When Growing your Clone:

Everybody thinks they are an expert in growing.

Don’t let them be thirsty or drunk,


Don’t let them get too hot or too cold.

It’s not hard to grow weed, it is a little harder to grow good weed so,

For more tips on growing, visit this cool leafly article.