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Locally Sourced Flower and Clones grown with Organic practices in mind


Tax included.
Purple Punch from Rogue Farmer at Quartz Creek
Paragon Farms
Gelato18< 1103057
Dread Bread16< 182446
Sour Cyclone61551528
Orange Wookies24< 1123669
Big Beard Farms
Mystery Machine29< 1123669
DogWalker OG29< 1144280
Rogue Farmer
Grapefruit18< 192752
Purple Punch21< 192752
Purple Trainwreck24< 1113363
Jesus22< 172140
Endless Organics
GG#4 (Original Glue)22< 1133975
East Fork Cultivars
Canna-Tsu< 120113363
Green Source
Pinkleberry Kush17< 1103057
Cosmic Fruit20< 192752


No Tax.
Ozma, CBD cannabis strain from East Fork Cultivars at Home Grown Apothecary
OMMPTHC %CBD %1 g3.5 g7 g
Paragon Farms
Gelato18< 192548
Dread Bread16< 16.52038
Sour Cyclone615412.524
Orange Wookies24< 1103057.5
Big Beard Farms
Mystery Machine29< 1103057.5
DogWalker OG29< 111.53567
Rogue Farmer
Grapefruit18< 182344
Purple Punch21< 182344
Purple Trainwreck24< 1927.552.5
Jesus22< 1617.533
Endless Organics
GG#4 (Original Glue)22< 11132.562
East Fork Cultivars
Pineapple Jager71292548
Green Source
Pinkleberry Kush17< 192548
Cosmic Fruit20< 182344

Economy Buds

RECREATIONALTHC %CBD %3.5 g7 g14 g1 oz
Green Source Gardens
Wise Widow1169173159
Holy Widow866112139

Economy Buds

OMMPTHC %CBD %3.5 g7 g14 g1 oz
Green Source Gardens
Wise Widow1167.5142649
Holy Widow865917.531


Welcome to the 2019 Clone Season!

We are now accepting orders for the Outdoor Spring Season.

Order now to beat the spring rush, and pick-up in mid-May!

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Happy Growing!

New Clones started Organically by Paragon Farms at Home Grown Apothecary

How can Cannabis help me?

Cannabis can aid us in so many ways but due governmental limitations we have been unable to study it until recent years.

Now that we can finally research it with more depth,

we are discovering that there are a multitude of health benefits to cannabis.

These can range from aiding the consumer with stress, anxiety, depression and appetite-loss,

to chronic pain, digestion and insomnia.

The important thing to remember is that your friends favorite strain may not be for you. Our budtenders take the time to learn about you and help you find the strain that best suits your needs.

To find out more about how marijuana can be beneficial to your health, visit Leafly here.

To learn more about the farms we have on our shelves, click on their logo below!

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