Canna Co. CBD Kief

| Strain of the Week |

$5/gram Beaux from Canna Co!

As a High CBD strain, this beautiful bud has been known to help with chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on. This strain emits an earthy yet somewhat floral scent, and provides the consumer with a deep sense of grounded-ness and relaxation with little to no psycho-active effect.

Grown with organic practices in mind! While supplies last.

Beaux High CBD Organic at Home Grown Apothecary


Canna Co. CBD Kief


| CBD Kief only $9! |

10% CBD  and .33% THC, great way to take advantage of the entourage effect.

Add it to a joint or your bowl and turn your flower into a CBD/THC ratio!

Adding CBD to your cannabis intake can really help with sensitivity to THC that causes paranoia and anxiety.



Ablis Clinical Strength CBD Rub at Home Grown Apothecary


| Ablis Clinical Strength CBD Rub |

Normally $70, now only $55!

Made with all natural warming/cooling agents.

500mg of CBD Crystals- THC FREE

Great way to start ebbing those aches and pains.


Opus Nutraceuticals Body CBD Capsules


| $17 Opus CBD Capsules |

100mg CBD Capsules- 0mg THC

Great way to start getting rid of those aches and pains, or to give yourself a sense of grounded-ness. Has also been known to help with stress, anxiety and depression.

To read about what experts are saying about the benefits of CBD, see Leafly’s article here.


organic clones paragon farms home grown apothecary| Pre-Season Clones!|

Accepting Pre-Season Clone Orders UNTIL MARCH 20TH!

THC and CBD plants available!

Projected Arrival Date: 4/20

Order now before the Spring Rush begins!

All started with Organic Practices by Paragon!

Click here for Full List of Available Strains



| And from our Apothecary |

$12 Large Bag of HGA Smoking Blends!HGA Smoking Blends Large Group

Designed in-house by our friendly herbalist, Tania, each blend is formulated to provide the consumer with a specific effect.

  • LungLove promotes lung and respiratory health.
  • Dream aids with sleeplessness and can help with people trying to Lucid Dream
  • Earthy provides you with a sense of calm and grounded-ness; relieving stress.
  • Good Health Good Vibes promotes hormone regulation, provides you with relaxation.
  • Summertime can help with stomach pain, insomnia, and can promote immune health.
  • Enlightened Mind can increase circulation, promote liver health and fight of infections.

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