Hair and Skin Oil from Home Grown Apothecary- Fortify and Balance

Happy April Fools! These are all real Deals!

| Strain of the Week |

March 30th – April 1st

Harlequin- 1:1

That’s right! She’s back! Harlequin makes her Sassy big arrival to our shelves!

Beautiful 1:1 flower, perfect for a nice mellow high without the anxiety or paranoia.

This flower leaves you with the ability to focus and get your plans done, while still feeling that steady head buzz. Also a great choice for people with THC sensitivity or those prone to anxiety, stress and/or depression. Other benefits include pain relief and can aid with insomnia.

She’ll treat you nice and she’s easy to get along with 😉

Beaux High CBD Organic at Home Grown Apothecary$1 Joints of Beaux!

High CBD Strain at 12.43% CBD and only 0.24% THC.

Great strain for stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

Little to no psychoactivity but it is a great way to take advantage of the entourage effect.



A New Era of Clone Orders

organic clones paragon farms home grown apothecary

| Pre-Order your Season Clones!|

Growing season begins, place your order by April 15th, in-store OR online!

THC and CBD plants available!

Projected Arrival Date: 4/21 – 5/20


All started with Organic Practices by Paragon!

Click here for Full List of Available Strains



Jolly Greens Hard Candies| Jolly Greens Hard Candies are Back!!! |

We’ve been counting down the days! But Jolly Greens has returned!

Made with all natural ingredients!

Because you suck on a hard candy, the dosage is absorbed sublingually.

This provides you a faster, steadier high.

Plus they are super delicious!



FullyBaked Cookies Edibles Group Photo Vegan Friendly at Home Grown Apothecary| $15 FullyBaked Cookies |

Made with Distillate and super delicious.

Taste the flavors and not the flowers.

Vegan options available

Each cookie packs a 5mg punch.

*House favorite is the PuffPuffPassion.

Oh, and

Check out our New Beauty Line:

| Self-care and Beauty Products|

Hand-crafted products, made locally.*

Hair and Skin Oil from Home Grown Apothecary- Fortify and Balance

Formulated to make you feel


Hair/Body Oils:

Fortify   |  Balance

Meant to help revitalize and strengthen your Skin or Hair.

Essential oils also provide an aromatherapeutic effect.

*Made with all organic essential oils and herbs.


Beauty and Skin Supplies Rose Water and Lavender Toner from Home Grown Apothecary

Because you are

worth it.


Face Serum:    Rose Water   |    Rose Water Lavender

Meant to help shrink your pores and tighten your skin.

Clear Skin Toner: Meant to balance your complexion.

*Made with all organic essential oils and herbs.