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December 26th – December 31st

Shark Shock, CBD cannabis strain from East Fork Cultivars at Home Grown Apothecary

| Specials of the Weekend |

All prices *Include Tax*

*Note: We will be closing at 6pm on New Years Eve, and Closed all New Years Day!

| 20% off strains from East Fork Cultivars |

At East Fork, we are more than growers — we are cultivators. We look beyond our plants and work to create a brand that expounds on ideas and cultivates an educated community. Our mission is to develop and preserve sustainable, sun-grown farming methods to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cannabis with a resolute commitment to environmental and social responsibility.


Ozma, CBD cannabis strain from East Fork Cultivars at Home Grown Apothecary| Ozma |

Ozma is an extremely rare hybrid created through a three-way cross of the infamous Harlequin x Cannatonic x Sour Tsunami #3 strains.

With this CBD-dominant flower (testing at 3.7% THC, 11% CBD), the high is mellow and uplifting. There is very little psycho-activity to this flower.

This strain is often sought after by patients suffering from chronic conditions such as glaucoma, inflammation, depression, stress or anxiety, and both physical and mental pain.

With the aroma of wood, earth and spices.


Shark Shock, CBD cannabis strain from East Fork Cultivars at Home Grown Apothecary| Shark Shock |

Created with a cross of White Widow and Skunk #1.

Shark Shock is testing at 5.5% THC,  10.4% CBD, and is a sativa leaning hybrid strain.

This strain is a bit of a heavy hitter and has been described as creating a “dreamy high”. We would recommend this strain when getting creative or problem solving.

With the taste of crisp green apples, sour citrus, and sweet apricot, with a subtle hint of eucalyptus that rounds out the back end.


Pineapple Jager, CBD cannabis strain from East Fork Cultivars at Home Grown Apothecary| Pineapple Jager |

Cross between Pineapple Tsu and Jager.

This Indica-dominant strain is testing at 7% THC and 15.4% CBD.

This terpene powerhouse that is a sibling to the infamous ‘Wesley’s Wish’ and a good choice for people looking for inspiration.

Consumers may experience a relaxed body with a slight increase in creative thought.


Grasse Rosin, Yocan Dab pen, and Grasse Gear at HGA!| $50 Dab Kits from Grasse! |

Including tax receive:

  • 1/2 gram of Rosin from Grasse Rosin

  • Yocan Evolve E-Dab Pen

  • Safety box/carrying case (waterproof or not, your choice!)

  • Silicon Dab container

  • Dab applicator

  • and a Grasse Sticker!

“At Grasse, we never forget the beautiful cannabis plant, the people, or the culture. We produce full spectrum strain specific Rosin with absolutely no solvents or chemicals.” -Grasse

Or make it a full gram for $69!

tax included of course.



Green Dragon THC and CBD cartridges and tinctures at Home Grown Apothecary| 10% off *ALL* Green Dragon! |

Cartridges in 1/4, 1/2 and full grams in:

CBD | THC | 2:1 | 6:1

Tincture Sprays blended with peppermint oil in CBD, THC & 2:1

“Unparalleled purity and potency.” -Leafly

“We are able to preserve the natural plant strain terpene profiles, which provides you with the best flavor and vaping experience possible.” -Green Dragon


Pax Era Pods Sativa Hybrid Indica at Home Grown Apothecary| 15% off Pax Era Pods & Batteries |

That’s right, the incredibly smooth oil from Pax and their tech savvy batteries are on sale!


“Control temperature, flavor and potency and achieve session predictability.”- Pax


Distillates made from quality cannabis. Smooth and terpene rich. Their flavor profiles are almost identical to the flower itself.



Pipes, bongs and Glass at HGA, localPipes, bongs and Glass at HGA, local| 15% off Pipes & Accessories |

Even if you don’t need a new piece.

We know you want one 😉

From Onie-Bats and Chillums

to Bongs and Dab Rigs.

And we just brought in a whole new selection!


1:1 RSO from OM Prasada Remedies at Home Grown Apothecary| $43 *All* RSO |

Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis with a simple extraction developed by a Canadian Medical Marijuana Activist by the same name.

Due to its high concentration, this product has quickly become one of the most medically relevant products in the cannabis industry.

Please do your research on it’s benefits and see if it fits your needs. Learn more about RSO through Leafly here.

Available in CBD | THC | 1:1



Joints from Organic Cannabis at Home Grown Apothecary| $1 Joints |

Organically grown cannabis rolled to perfection.

Grown with organic practices by Green Source Gardens. Strains vary.

Rolled in-house from buds in the jar. No Shake joints. Never Shake joints.

All $1, tax included, while supplies last! Limit 56 per person per day.


Med with Love Cannabis-infused Cold Beverages at Home Grown Apothecary| 15% off Med with Love Drinks|

Edibles take too long to work. Why? Because we have to digest it and break it down.



It’s easier for our bodies to break down liquids.

Stop waiting for your high and just get there 😉


And from our Apothecary,

| Facial Sprays from HGA |

Hand-crafted products, Formulated by our In-house herbalist, and made locally.*

Beauty and Skin Supplies Rose Water and Lavender Toner from Home Grown ApothecaryFormulated to make you feel


Refresh, relax and renew your skin and your mind.

Gently toning yet not drying, rose and lavender waters are a time tested natural skin remedy to promote supple and clear skin.

Enjoy the aromatherapy while you pause to enjoy the moment.

And it smells like roses.



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