Oct 11, 2018

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October 12th – 14th

Holy Widow CBD 2:1 Sativa from Green Source Gardens

| Specials of the Weekend |

All prices *Include Tax*

Croptober Continues!

| Falling Flowers |

The following flower prices will be permanent- while supplies last.

Sour Cyclone #2 from Paragon Farms grown with organic practices| $14/gram Sour Cyclone |

CBD-strain at 13.2% CBD and 6% THC.

A strong CBD base with the fast aggressive vigor of Blue Dream and the flavor of Huckleberry Hound.

Consumers have noted its helpfulness for of pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

“Great strain for wake and baking. Hard not to smile after tasting this energetic flower.” –Swollen Seeds


Holy Widow CBD 2:1 Sativa from Green Source Gardens| $9/gram Holy Widow |

2:1 THC dominant strain that is a cross between Holy C and Wise Widow.

This is a Sativa leaning CBD strain that can provide the consumer with a bit of energy in addition to the potential pain and anxiety reliefs.

Strains with this ratio of CBD and THC are most commonly used for people who want to experience the high, but are prone to anxiety, or those looking for a mellow high.



San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) organic practices from Paragon Farms| $13/gram SFVOG |

Sativa-leaning hybrid that originates from the San Fernando Valley.

Most people choose this strain when they are looking for a mood and energy elevator, although it has had success helping with pain.

Due to it’s happy head high and body relaxing abilities, it can be a good choice for those dealing with stress or PTSD.

The aroma of an Eclair like chocolate creme on the intake and a lovely lemon zest on the exhale.


24k Gold from Paragon Farms organic practices| $12/gram 24K Gold |

Combination of the legendary Tangie and Kosher Kush.

This indica-dominant hybrid is a great choice for people looking to relax without heavy handed sedation.

“Most people notice a happy head high initially that fades into a mellow relaxation without feeling lazy.” -All Bud

With the scent of pungent tangerines and sweet kush on the exhale.


Economy Buds, Cheap Cannabis Ounces at Home Grown Apothecary

| New Economy Bud Strains are here! |

The support has been outstanding and we are continuing our Economy Buds!

Because we know that everyone is on a budget, but still prefer to smoke clean buds!

New strains from Green Source Gardens have arrived,

Check out the Economy Buds section of our Flower Menu to see strains and testing!

Still grown with organic practices, of course.

We got your back.


All grown with organic practices in mind, as always.

Claywolf concentrates| Shatterday *All Weekend*! |

Save 20% on *all* dabbables *all* weekend, just as you would every Saturday here at HGA!

Created with cannabis grown with organic practices only.

 True story. Starting at $15/gram including tax.

Including extracts from ClayWolf, Botanical Laboratories, Tree Honey, Kumba Hills, Pangea Extracts and Calyx Crafts!



THC RSO from Sun God Medicinals at Home Grown Apothecary

| $39 Grapefruit RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) |

Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis with a simple extraction developed by a Canadian Medical Marijuana Activist by the same name.

Due to it’s high concentration, this product has quickly become one of the most medically relevant products in the cannabis industry.

Please do your research on it’s benefits and see if it fits your needs. Learn more about RSO through Leafly here.

Grapefruit is a Sativa Leaning THC RSO



Elbes Edibles Cakeballs| $21 packs of Elbe’s Cakeballs |

Made with Real Canna-butter, so they can hit a little harder.

Made with the strain DogWalker- Potent Indica-Hybrid.

“Your edibles should taste great and be consistently dosed. We believe our premium full-spectrum whole-bud cannabutter delivers the absolute best edible experience possible.” Elbe’s

3 cake balls per pack- 15mg THC each.

And oh, so delicious.



And from our Apothecary,

| 10% off Tea blends from HGA! |

Hand-crafted products, Formulated by our In-house herbalist, and made locally.

Pro Tip: Chill and serve over ice for delicious and therapeutic Iced Teas!

Potent blends with refreshing flavor

Sunshine: Uplifting blend meant to promote a sunny disposition.

Sexy: Made with aphrodisiac herbs to promote sensuality.

Allergy: Blended to help fight off environmental and seasonal allergies.

Anti-inflammatory: Blended with classic inflammation fighting herbs like Ginger!

Super Detox: Created to help clear our systems of toxins that build up.

Created with organic ingredients.

Because you are worth it.


Fall ing Flowers: An Equinox Deals Experience. Flower prices are falling like crazy!


“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

—William Cullen Bryant



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