Apr 17, 2018

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Rogue Farmer Take-over!


on 4/21 ONLY…

Rogue Farmer Take-over!

Rogue Farmer will be in house doing DEMOS on homegrowing. Come on by and ask any questions you may have about your start up this season! Get a free Home Growing Education!

PLUS 42 cent joints during the event (or 3 for $1)
limit 3 per person.

Rogue Farmer Vendor Event at Home Grown Apothecary 4/21


To see all of our 4/20 weekend specials, click here!

4/20 Weekend Specials!

Don't Panic! 4/20 Specials at Home Grown Apothecary are here!

| Strains of the Best Weekend Ever |

4/20 – 4/22

All Prices *INCLUDE TAX*.

4/20 Specials at HGA including $69 ounces grown with Organic Practices | $69 ounces! |

Home of the first $69 ounce!

Golden Lemons-

Indica-Hybrid that is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk.

Immediately will hit you between the eyes, living bright euphoria. Great for relaxation.

Most commonly known as an anti-anxiety strain.


And damn do these buds look good.

$42 Half Ounces organic at Home Grown Apothecary| $42 half-ounces! |

We thought about it real hard. And decided it was going to be $42.

Purple Hindu Kush-

Indica that is a cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani.

True to it’s lineage this strain offers large amounts of relaxation and pain relief.

Scent of sour grape and citrus.


Clay Wolf Shatter and Crumble at Home Grown Apothecary| $29 TOP SHELF Dabs|

Product lines include:


Botanical Laboratories

Calyx Crafts

Get your dab on with this high quality dabs.

Only made with the highest quality cannabis, these brands make shatter that is *so fire* but easy on your lungs. Say goodbye to Dab Coughs.


Hunny Bear Cajun Almonds for 4/20 at Home Grown Apothecary| $3 Medicated Nuts and Swag!|

HunnyBear hooked it up with free swag

Made by a man named Enrique from Louisiana.

Proprietary Cajun Blend.

Vegan   |   Gluten Free   |   Paleo






Green Dragon Cartridges Full Line at Home Grown Apothecary| 20% off Green Dragon|

And we have their whole line:

Half Gram C02 and Distillates

Full Gram C02 and Distillates

Quarter Gram in C02 and Distillates

SO many strains and flavors available.




Don't Panic 42 cent joints for 4/20 at Home Grown Apothecary| JOINTS!|

$1 Sour Diesel or GG4 Joints, All Weekend!



42 cents per joint OR 3 for $1.



Select CBD Pens Focus Revive Relax at Home Grown Apothecary| $24 CBD Vape Pens! |

Hemp Derived pens. No battery needed, all self-contained and disposable.

Normally $35.

CBD oil blended with natural herbs to provide an aromatheraputic effect to help you Relax, Revive or Focus.

Not to mention a bit of pain relief 😉



organic clones paragon farms home grown apothecary

| Clones In Stock!!! |

Clone orders have been so popular we have decided to carry on!

Started with Organic Practices by Paragon Farms.

There are multiple ways to get your  clone:

  • Choose from our In-stock Options
  • Order In-Store or Online from a large selection- Projected Delivery 5/2 or 5/17

Click here to see the full list of Clones available.


and from our Apothecary,

| 25% off Self-care and Beauty Products|

Hand-crafted products, made locally.*

Hair and Skin Oil from Home Grown Apothecary- Fortify and Balance

Formulated to make you feel


Hair/Body Oils:

Fortify   |  Balance

Meant to help revitalize and strengthen your Skin or Hair.

Essential oils also provide an aromatherapeutic effect.

*Made with all organic essential oils and herbs.


Beauty and Skin Supplies Rose Water and Lavender Toner from Home Grown Apothecary

Because you are

worth it.


Face Serum:    Rose Water   |    Rose Water Lavender

Meant to help shrink your pores and tighten your skin.

Clear Skin Toner: Meant to balance your complexion.

*Made with all organic essential oils and herbs.


Mt Mels Teas| 10% off Mountain Mel Products |

Made right here on Mt. Hood!

Each tea is formulated to be delicious and aid you medicinally, be it with stress, digestion, immunity, sleep et al.

A small business focused on sustainability (like ourselves), Mt. Mel’s goal is to help people take better care of the planet; by taking better care of themselves, Naturally.

Made locally and sustainably, a percentage of annual sales are donated to environmental non-profit groups.


| 25% off Smoking Blends |

HGA Smoking Blends Large GroupDesigned in-house by our friendly herbalist, Tania, each blend is formulated to provide the consumer with a specific effect.

  • LungLove promotes lung and respiratory health.
  • Dream aids with sleeplessness and can help with people trying to Lucid Dream
  • Earthy provides you with a sense of calm and grounded-ness; relieving stress.
  • Good Health Good Vibes promotes hormone regulation, provides you with relaxation.
  • Summertime can help with stomach pain, insomnia, and can promote immune health.
  • Enlightened Mind can increase circulation, promote liver health and fight of infections.

For more from our Apothecary, see our menu here.


| 20% off Milk Thistle Tincture |

Time for Spring Cleaning! Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Milk Thistle Tinctures by Home Grown ApothecaryMilk Thistle Tinctures are great Detoxifiers and System cleansers.

And it’s all natural!

Also known for its help with liver health, gallstones, and lowering cholesterol.

And did I mention people have testified to its anti-aging effects?

Large $10    |   Small $3



| 20% off Kava and Kratom |

Kava Kava at Home Grown ApothecaryKava Kava

This root offers a calming effect and is traditionally used as a natural alternative to mood enhancers and anti-anxiety medication.

Also has been known to help preventing convulsions and relaxing the muscles.

Use: Brew into a Tea


Kratom Horned, Maeng Da, Green Borneo at Home Grown ApothecaryKratom

Traditionally used as a treatment for opiod withdrawals, due to its ability to regulate nausea and decrease pain.

Can also be used as a stimulant in low doses and a sedative in high doses.

Available:       Horned   |  Green Borneo  |   Maeng Da


Give aways all weekend!

Enter to win a Bong or Dab Rig!

Free Doughnuts!

and on 4/21 ONLY
Rogue Farmer Vendor Event at Home Grown Apothecary 4/21

Rogue Farmer will be in house doing DEMOS on homegrowing. Come on by and ask any questions you may have about your start up this season! Get a free Home Growing Education!

PLUS 42 cent joints during the event (or 3 for $1)
limit 3 per person.

* Have a Great Day, Beautiful! *

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