Feb 2, 2018

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Let’s pack our own Super Bowl

Hindu Kush Organic Indica from Canna Co at Home Grown Apothecary

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It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

To help you pack your own Super Bowl we bring you,

$8/gram Hindu Kush from Canna Co.

Colloquially known as the mother of all kush, Hindu Kush was born in the Kush mountain range. As a full Indica, Hindu provides the consumer with a deep sense of calm and relaxation and can aid with pain, nausea and stress disorders.

With the aroma of sandalwood and kush 🙂

Hindu Kush Organic Indica at Home Grown Apothecary


organic clones paragon farms home grown apothecary

 Clone Pre-Orders Begin!

Now accepting Pre-Season Orders. Only $20.


Ready to grow your own cannabis plant this spring season? Start now with organically started clones from Paragon Farms.

Various strains available!



 And to share with your friends during the game (or not),


Elbes Edibles Cakeballs Let them eat Cakeballs Continues!

20% OFF Elbes Edibles Cakeballs.

Made with real cannabutter. So they hit a little harder.

Great way to go to sleep and stay asleep at night.

Or to enjoy a deliciously good day buzz 🙂




ClayWolf Shatter and Live Resin at Home Grown Apothecary$24 FULL GRAMS of ClayWolf!

This shatter and live resin is crafted with precision.

THC and CBD available.

*The high THC content of dabbables cuts down on smoking time and can really pack a punch!

Plus look at that sweet packaging.


Mr Moxeys Mints THC at Home Grown ApothecaryMoxey’s Mints!

Discreet and portable.

5mg per mint makes it easy to dose.

The CBD version offers a minute amount of THC for people looking to take advantage of the entourage effect.

THC $20 | CBD $29.


Hunny Bear Cajun Almonds from Home Grown ApothecaryHunny Bear Cajun Almonds!


As health nuts (pun intended) We like to provide you would like a savory and more healthy alternative to sweet edibles that flood the cannabis market.

These Cajun Almonds are delicious and a cool new way to dose your THC!

Great for sharing or just for a snack.

Gluten Free | Kosher | Diabetic Friendly | Vegan

Low Dose $5  |  High Dose $11


| And from our Apothecary |

20% OFF Brown Bear’s Sexy Smokes!

Blend of Damiana, Mullein, Blackberry Leaf, Rose petals and Hibiscus

  • Natural way to feel grounded and centered.
  • Rose and Hibiscus aid in relaxation
  • Works as a natural aphrodisiac
  • and is a Non-addictive alternative to Tobacco

Great gift for your sexy special someone this Valentines Season!

For more information about herbal smoking blends, click here.


Brown Bear Herbal Smokes

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